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Large photo of each square, with prose instructions. Abbreviations used listed on last page. Embroidery, needle laces, crocheted and beaded purses and bags, drawn work, fashion. Embroidery, crocheted purses and bags, knitted lace, needle laces with manufactured cord. Crocheted shawls, baby items, yokes, collars, edgings, pillows. Knitted child's items, tatted doilies. Crocheted knitted, and embroidered baby, men's, girl's, household items for holiday gifts.

Square crocheted motif with combination pineapple and spider web for scarves, bedspreads, etc. Beautiful and unusual large doilies, including several Cluny patterns, a pineapple doily done in roll stitches and a few that use novelty braids. Crochet pattern for simple lacy round doily using only chain and triple crochet stitches. Prose instructions, US terms. A dozen or so crochet patterns for squares and rosettes for making bedspreads and pillow shams.

Many filet charts - church motifs, peacock, animals, birds, flowers, cherubs, fruit, motifs for children, formal borders and corners, the Selkirk Grace lunchcloth, and Tallyrand coffee cloth. King's Needlecraft and Lace Studio, , 31 pgs [p missing]. Nicely photographd treasury of patterns for crocheted edgings, with prose instructions. Some edgings incorporate store-bought tape or woven ribbon. Dresser cover, "Love Bird" pillow and sofa cover, work bag, altar cloth edgings, tea cozy, cake cover.

Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces. Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet. Household linens, collars, baby hats, slippers. Unusual Japonica, cyclamen, honeysuckle, violets Irish Crochet motifs, many filet crochet patterns, sturdy edgings for table linens, Irish Crochet edgings, easy edgings for beginners, Venetian Crochet squares, Irish Crochet point lace, and three interesting baby hats. How to do Hardanger, from simple patterns to exquisite complex designs, and many unusual cross-stitch charts.

Dozens of crocheted laces of all difficulty levels, and many of them are unusual and beautiful. Also filet charts, Irish Crochet motifs, and patterns for crocheting with manufactured braids and rickracks. Lavish laces for household and clothing, some unusual, includes new Irish Crochet motifs and filet charts an ostrich! Interesting combinations of needlecrafts. More description from the cover: Cross stitch and filet instructions in vol. Charted multicolor designs for formal floral borders and corners. Suitable for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or beading.

Suitable for cross-stitch or needlepoint. Large script, medium size blackletter, and two serif alphabets. Filet illustrations for squares, medallions, edgings, - geometric and classical designs, with photographs of their use as inserts in household linens. Crocheted lace curtains, table scarves, cushions, doilies, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, bags,. Crocheted lace edgings, insertions, backgrounds for bags, medallions, table linens, doilies, fringes, tassels.

Crochet instructions for nightgown and lingerie yokes and collars, some showing how they are applied to make up the final garment. Stitches used in the projects are separately illustrated. Would make nice summer camisole type tops today. Prose directions for crocheted edgings, insertions, corners, and embellishments for bed and table linens and towels; many edgings and decorative trims, some in filet crochet, some using multiple colors. Crochet insturctions for yokes and insertions intended for blouses, nightgowns, corset covers and other lingerie.

Some are particularly large and elaborate, beyond simple borders with shoulder straps. Many in filet crochet. Beautiful bedspread motifs, filet patterns, baby blankets, leaf and Irish Crochet patterns, cobweb and spider patterns. Exactly as the title promises: Beautiful embellishment of nearly every item of the household linen. Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Folva Miller. Edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

Very early crochet publication, colorful Victorian patterns for tapestry and filet crochet sofa pillows, table covers, borders, coverlets, bags, slippers, shawls. Crochet pattern for triangle-shaped pineapple design chair back with matching armrest protectors. Prose instructions, clear detail photograph. Crochet pattern for square motif with center pinwheel.

Multiples can be joined to make table linens. German language collection of classic cross-stitch designs, many drawn from museum examples.

Crochet resources

Use of multiple colors is shown in gray scale. Floral and geometric folk borders some with corners , insertions, and stand-alone motifs, edgings, vertical embellishments, all-over designs. Presented as drawings, not as charts, but clear enough to stitch from. All designs with the theme of Calla lilies. Pages 14 15 and back cover damaged. Crochet book about table cloths, placemats and such.

Crochet leaflet from the fifties, with placemats, doilies, chair mats, and even an apron. Lily Book 42 Items of beauty and lasting quality Illustrated Various crochet items, baby clothes, purses, trim, table runners and tablecloths, doilies, placemats, an apron, and even a pincushion. Lily Design book no. For that extra touch: Place mats Chair sets Centerpieces Buffet scarf Vanity set.

Patterns for multicolor doilies, chair protectors antimacassars , and other small covers. One charted filet crochet project. Two heavy multicolor placemats; buffet table top, hairpin crochet placemats. Instructions in prose, American notation. Very s in style. Some interesting knitting stitches; the embroidery section, particularly the discussion of color taste of the time, is very good.

More embroidery instructions, including smocking, eyelet and netting. Stunning patterns and plates for fruit, flowers, birds, dolphins, butterflies, fish, for doilies, bags, including a woven bag, crocheted tango girdle, and tatted cushion top and bags. Detailed embroidery stitch instructions, exquisite color plates. Leaves, flowers, borders, fruit, fish, birds, animals, doilies, baby items, collars, cuffs, bags, and crocheted ties, suspenders and bedroom slippers.

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Fashions, crochet, tatting, glass painting, etiquette, wax flowers. A small monthly publication, also featuring the first chapter of the wonderful story of Peter the Schlemil, who sold his shadow to the Devil. Charted patterns in two colors for monogram and marking alphabets. Includes serif and script, plus some examples of two-letter monograms. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint. Engraved illustrations of crochet edgings and squares. Detailed enough for advanced crocheters to use as patterns. Directions for a cloverleaf border with Clones knots, provided to fit three doily sizes.

Mostly in black-and-white, photos and pattern descriptions of crocheted table linen. Patterns have a name and a number. Most are small elements joined to form the tablecloth, but some are really large filet patterns. Mee, 41, Milsom Street. Crochet leaflet, 12 crocheted edge patterns. Historical craft articles, embroidery, fiction by Eleanor H. Porter, knitting, bobbin lace, netting, quilting, crochet, fashion, recipes, housekeeping tips, paper crafts for children. Explanations for the crochet stitches and terminology used in Needlecraft magazine. Colored plates of simple floral, garden, alphabet and border block patterns, with suggestions for materials and use.

Simple flowers, wreaths, sprays and borders, with discussion of their use. Last plate in collection animals is missing. Four charted alphabets intended for cross-stitch. Two are very large and ornate, two smaller. Four charted patterns for ornate, embellished monogram alphabets. Suitable for cross stitch, filet darned net or filet crochet. Illustration plates no instructions for lace edgings, squares, doilies.

The plates are clear enough that experienced crocheters will be able to figure out the stitch patterns. Filet portiere, Cluny-type door panels, edgings for table and bed linens, crochet ball holders, doilies, medallions, fitted vest. Needlecraft Publishing, , 26 pgs [some advertising pages omitted].

Wartime era patterns, baking recipes, and general needlework advice: Edgings and corners in crochet and filet crochet. Mostly for tablecloths, runners, tray mats. Also two crocheted edges for handkerchiefs. A Mary Card filet crochet pattern for the Statue of Liberty, embroidery, tatting , knitting, crochet, recipes. See excerpts in this catalogue in OCR format. Crochet pattern for round doily with a center star.

Large and small doily described. Prose instructions, clear detail photograph, US terms. Crochet pattern for round doily with a leaf motif, worked in two colors. Leaves are made individually then sewn together. Prose instructions, detail photo and assembly diagram. Sixteen cross stitch alphabet patterns for monograms in a wide variety of typefaces, and some Greek and classical borders. Includes linens pieced from small motifs, plus larger one-piece cloths, plus edgings, corners, placemats and doilies and a large floral filet table spread. Various table runners, placemats, tablecloths, and complete sets for the table.

Mostly crochet, some applique. Prose instruction for crocheting multicolor floral doilies, runners, centerpieces and placemats. One in filet crochet style, others in lacy crochet, some with three-dimensional ruffles, scallops or blossom effects. A few are trims to be applied to fabric centers. Needlecraft magazine, directions for small gifts: Knitted clothing, sewn leather and heavy fabric clothing, bags and belts, crocheted and knitted neckties.

Victorian-style designs, including cherubs and church patterns, for embroidered net, with netting and stitch instructions. Large charts, good for filet crochet and cross-stitch, are in the second pdf file. Silk knitting patterns for mittens, purses and bags, stockings, edgings, fancy stitches. Instructions for fringed silk lampshade, patterns for crocheted beaded purses, bottle cover. Treasury of crocheted edgings, doilies, lingerie yokes, and medallions. Prose directions, but large, clear photographs accompany all items. Some edgings are intended for thread crochet handkerchiefs.

Crocheted lingerie yokes and boudoir caps. Some filet crochet no charts. Basic crochet instructions and filet crochet floral charts for yokes, insertions, edgings, collars and corners. Exquisite crocheted vests, gowns, filet charts, boudoir jacket, yokes, slippers, cap, church laces, shawls, sweaters, table runner and chair back.

Crochet instructions from famous designer, Anne Orr. Freestanding baskets and candy dishes; filet crochet charts for table linens and napkins, including corners, insertions, borders some with corners , round and square doilies and centerpieces. Grape centerpiece in highly embossed crochet; round and oval doilies in other styles of crochet, including ones that resemble tatting. Chair tidies antimacassars , borders, and trims. Gros Crochet and Filet Crochet edges around fabric centerpieces, table centerpieces entirely of filet crochet. Bought in in the USA by a sailor, who gave it to his sister.

His granddaughter, who wants to remain anonymous, sent the book to us. Scanned and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library, Filet Crochet patterns for yokes, and patterns for small gifts such as hot roll napkins, aviator towels, bread tray covers, tidies, and babies caps. Illustration plate of five crocheted items without instructions. Shows two doilies, one all-over design of joined motifs, and two edgings. A collection of useful patterns selected from the Modern Priscilla. Includes items in hairpin crochet. Several index pages appear to be missing.

Lovely description with illustrations of fringes, divided in crocheted fringes, macrame fringes, venice lace fringes, and bobbin lace fringes. Unusual motifs and panels in deeply embossed crochet, similar to Irish Crochet. French language instructions, some charts for a project with filet crochet trim.

Collection includes a purse with an acrobat, a carnation cuff and collar set, with matching insertions for a blouse; and a sampler of crochet mimicing other lace styles. French language patterns for ornate openwork thread crochet in the style of Venetian lace. Motifs plus instructions for joining them with picoted brides and crocheted net grounds to make up collars, insertions, yokes, scarf ends, pincushions, pillow covers, passmenterie fringes, and more. Illustrations of but extremely brief instructions for 16 crocheted yokes, originally meant for nightgowns and lingerie.

Applied to a cotton or linen T-shirt type body, these would make nice summer camisole type tops today. Prose instructions for crocheted edgings and strips, Some suitable to edge round cloths or collars. Some incorporate braid or rickrack, many are scalloped and quite lacy. A few in filet crochet including a mouse, a corner insertion for a tablecloth of a rose. Collars, doilies, baby caps, booties, filet patterns, yokes, edgings, insertions, bags. Also squares, doilies, boudoir caps, and a stunning brassiere of crocheted medallions with manufactured braid.

Crochet instructions for bedspreads, including squares and strip motifs used as insertions on linen covers, motifs joined together to make all-crochet spreads. None of the filet style motifs are charted. Instructions for a knitted counterpane made of squares and an edging. Crochet directions for lingerie, nightgown, corset cover and camisole yokes, also some in tatting. A particularly nice collection with many designs with sleeves or shoulder straps that could be easily adapted to modern summer tops.

Doilies and antimacassar patterns, including suggestions for vibrant color combinations. Stitch instructions translated into modern terminology by Kathy Adkins: Fancy Victorian patterns - a butterfly and geranium leaf pen wiper in tapestry crochet over fine wire, beaded and tapestry crochet purses, including one with fuchsia shaped tassels that can also be made up as a sofa pillow. Her stitch definitions are at the front of the book.

Victorian era patterns for a crocheted wool polka short coat with a knit border, wool manchette sleeves , 2 caps in bright colors, an opera cloak, and wool coverlet with a tapestry iris pattern. Elaborate crocheted lace meant to imitate point lace 2 collars, a berthe lace draped over shoulders and chemisette lace draped around neck. Redacted collection of crochet patterns for doilies and antimacassars chair protectors. Original lithographs showing the finished product are accompanied by the design translated into modern crochet terminology.

Patterns for Victorian crocheted laces intended to imitate bobbin and needle laces. There is a stitch guide at the back of the book that works for all the Riego pattern booklets. Instructions and crochet terms, vy useful for reading her later books, patterns for collars, cuffs and a wide variety of laces intended to imitate French laces. The tatting pages only - star motifs in colored silk or cotton, for sleeves, collars and doilies. Crochet pattern for round seven-sided doily with deeply scalloped edge.

Instructions, patterns and charts for woven, knit, crocheted, and canvas embroidered beaded bags, purses, belts, jewelry. About six dozen different doilies, some simple, some like the roll stitch pineapple doily for the advanced crocheter. Crocheted and knitted sweaters, edgings, lamp shades, hats, yokes, men's vest, scarves, cushions, slippers, baby items, filet charts. Crocheted lace lamp shades, baskets, lingerie, children and baby items, household laces. Beautiful nightgown yokes, sacques, boudoir caps, bags, corset cover, lamp shades, desk set, table scarfs, pillow, baskets, bedspreads, hats, towels, filet charts, hairpin lace.

Wonderful silk lampshade patterns and instructions, filet charts, medallions, squared, corners. Exquisite tea cosy, baskets, lampshade, collars, lace baby afghan, opera bag, doilies, pillows, slippers, motifs, edgings and insertions. Crochet and tatting yoke, dresser set, candle shade, baskets, Irish Lace Collar, bags, doilies, charming curtain pulls. Introduction calls out dual use of cross stitch and filet designs, but no charts are provided. Patterns for four bags, one with a monogram.

Roaring Twenties fashion that is still modern and wearable. Sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves, baby items, with some color illustrations. Nightgown yokes, corset covers, Irish Crochet collars and cuffs, boudoir caps, purses, bags, baskets, beautiful Venetian stitch and Cluny lamp shades, doilies and table linens, edgings, pillows, baby booties and bib. Seven original crocheted doily patterns, one filet and several with Irish Crochet elements.

Star Bedspread and Tablecloth Book No. Crochet tablecloths and bedspreads, white and in colors. Colorful laces, including butterfly and flower girl insertions, and drinking glass jackets. Mostly crochet, but includes one hairpin crochet, one knitted, and one tatted project. Frilled doilies are also presented without the ruffled edgings, as flat pieces. One filet crochet chart for a bread cover, rest of the instructions are prose, American notation. Charted design grouping including a center and four corners, probably intended for use as insertions on a tablecloth in filet darned net , or filet crochet.

Mythical beast and cherub motifs. Can also be used for cross-stitch. Highly popular needlework book in its time, and reprinted by at least three different publishers since. Enormous variety of crocheted edgings, some using manufactured braid; most are not difficult to crochet. Charts for filet crochet, beadwork, darned netting, cross-stitch, etc. One of the squares has instructions for twist stitch; an early publication of what is now called roll stitch or bullion stitch in crochet. Also two tapestry or beadwork charts and craft instructions for a picture frame, garden gloves and a card case.

Yokes, table runner, boudoir cap, slippers, doilies, fringed edgings, and some unusual crocheted flowers. Very early instructions for four crochet lace squares and a bread cloth. The bread cloth is not illustrated. Early Victorian mittens, baby and children's items, socks, muffatees, fringes, purses and bags, comforters, scarves, shawls, cuffs. Advice on how to sell, and a request to readers to write in advice about how to sell. Scans donated by M. A triple version collar and cuff set, crocheted Cosmos set, crocheted rug.

Sweater and helmet set, Quilting: Four piece baby set, Crochet: Plaid blouse shown on front cover. Lily Beverage Set, Dogwood Quilt, washable toy duck, chick, and rabbit, and a crocheted bag for your knitting. Two pet pillows shown on front cover Crochet: Vanity Set , dress with V-neck. Starched Table Mat Set, Quilting: Basket of Daisies, Fabric Flowers: Leigh Martin, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Glove with lace cuffs, cap, two purse designs. The design on the cover of the previous issue. Star and Flower bedspread. Bonnet looks like a baby bonnet.

Ladies on tea towels. Wooden lawn and garden ornaments. Flowers made of yarn. Ring around the Star. Crochet and sewing, match holders in flower shapes. Crocheted Afghan, Snowflake quilt, crocheted insertion and lace. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library Men's knitted socks or anklets, Morning Glory square quilting pattern, crocheted toy elephant, bow and flowers to decorate a dress. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library. We are grateful for donations. They may be tax deductible, depending on your tax circumstances and where you live. Currently we are not soliciting donations from residents of Pennsylvania.

You can watch a cooking show and learn things at the same time. Yes, the show is full of awfully bad puns, but it's such a good show I usually overlook the cheesiness. I'm currently watching the Westminster Dog Show. I'm so fascinated by these dogs. They're just so cute. I love the long-haired ones because when they run, it looks like they're gliding. Question for anyone who knows I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Each breed competition think dog show has a certain number of points awarded to the winning dog used here to indicate both male and female of each breed they get no points for winning the entire show.

In order to become a champion, a dog has to win a total of 15 points, including 2 shows that are "majors" under two different judges with the remainder of the points coming from judges other than the major judges. A major means that 3 or more points were awarded pts is the range. These are difficult to get in certain breeds because it requires a huge number of dogs to be entered Labs, for example, need almost animals entered.

It is actually a little more complicated but I would have to use a bunch of dog show related terms that make no sense out of context. For example, in my breed, Rottweilers, a 5 pt major requires 20 females to be present, 23 males to be present. Majors are hard to come by and nothing upsets people more than someone breaking a major It can be very frustating to choose a show for the major and then the last moment, the number changes and it becomes a 2 pt show.

The number of dogs required for a major vary by location and breed. More than you ever wanted to know It's not more than I wanted to know. I love learning about new things of which I previously had no knowledge. So, can you tell me why they usually have such fancy names for the dogs? Does it have anything to do with breeding like in horses? At least, I think horses are sometimes named according to the sire and insert proper horse terminology for mommy here. In some cases, the breeder also has either a theme or a letter they require the new owner to use.

Stone Fort is the breeder's name, all of her dogs use the Stone Fort prefix. My girl came from the "E" litter, all of the dogs in her litter are Stone Fort E I could have chosen to name her Stone Fort E Susie. I chose Eternal Hope but it had to be an E name. We call her Daria. Not all breeders require you to use their name or theme, it varies. There is also a limit of With immortality, you can have eternal hope.

Daria is named for a priest on the show, Darius. Geez, those awful, abysmal, appalling puns are the best part. Hey Denise, the Irish Terrier was robbed! My hopes rest with the Bloodhound, my son's favorite. Don't you just love his nephew? His sister is quite a character as well. Denise, thanks so much for the dog show information.

That's what I love about this place. Just ask a question, and someone will know the answer or where you can find one. I can't believe it! Does he name them as such? I'm usually doing something else as I watch him so it would be easy for me to miss stuff.

I'll have to watch more carefully. Did anyone notice the Corgi named Harry Potter? The sister is portrayed as quite an annoying know-it-all who doesn't know a thing about cooking. They're on the show occasionally, but not terribly much. Good Eats comes on every weekday at 7: And yes, the dog named Harry Potter was great. I love the cute little terrier named Coco. All the dogs are so precious, though, I don't know which one I want to win. Well I was rooting for the little Norfolk, she was working the crowd but the winner was very lovely as well and moved so nicely.

I will keep my eye out for them. He makes cooking fun--and that's saying something for me. Well, I thought the Border and the Pyr were both eye-catching but the German Shorthaired Pointer never put a foot wrong. Her poses were amazing. I had no idea it would be so complicated to get the points. I have been trying to reduce the photos of my other two dogs in order to use them as avatars. No go so far. I only have the photo editor that came with the computer and haven't felt the need to get a better photo editor. Now might be the time to start looking. I have suddenly discovered another time consuming "hobby", creating my own web page!

I had started using a shareware program that did most of the work for you, except I found it difficult to work with. There are a lot. I printed off heaps on the laser printer of tutorials, articles, lists etc and now I am having lots of fun doing it the hard easier way by hand. It took two hours to get the dog photos up. It pays to proofread everything and look for errant spaces. Pancakes have never been popular within my family, piklets won out every time. The only pancakes I make are the ones which you stuff and put a sauce on the top. The only variety I make is Zucchini and Carrot, with a tomato based sauce, for when I don't want to eat meat.

I bow in further awe. As for your coccyxal misfortune, I can empathise. Last July my wife slipped on the stairs and broke her tailbone--not bruised, not fractured, broke.

For the next three months! Actually, since it happened during the summer she got a bunch of kid-sized pool floats; they're the same size as the "medical doughnut pillow" but cost 99 cents each versus 40 dollars. If one springs a leak, it's a lot cheaper to replace! They'd probably be tough to get this time of year, though, unless one of our Aussie friends wants to send some to you Your show sounds fun BTW! If they want to show all our weird culinary habits, they've got a lot to do Even the sayings have often culinary references here: Eating and cooking or cooking and eating, it depends are really a national pastime here.

It's not good for our weigh but it is very pleasant during grey winter weekends. Too bad I am still sick and can't eat anything but soup or tea those days Just typing this was enough for my breakfast today! Have a great Wednesday everybody! Here, the day promises to be snowy and cold again, enjoy the sun if you have some! I'll send some cheering and get well charms your way. I noted the last Rugby match was very close and France won.

I am looking forward to seeing a few matches on TV this year. Also some get well and cheering charms to Fawkes and Meg for your sore backs. I hope they settle down soon. I might go get a couple and stash them away for when I do my lower back in again. This flu is a real nuisance. I watched the match last Sunday and it was very close indeed! To be honest, at half-time, I thought it was over we have another culinary saying here for saying that: Did you notice that the English team had a player named Moody?

Well, as the other players, it was only at the end of the match that he started to look like the "real" one Next time, we'll play Wales and it promises to be a tough match too since the Welsh won their first matches as well. Fortunately, we will play "at home", I hope it will help! In fact, I just meant ordinary, everyday cooks don't use that much orange flavored things. My mother, who cooks very well, never uses them. Elanor, some healing charms from me too.

My husband doesn't feel so well too. His allergy seems to get worse. If he isn't better this evening, I think I'll take him to the hospital. He's scratching himself so much that he had begun to take dots of skin off. See, thats what I love about you guys I'm sending all my charms your way, as I think your need is greater than mine. Hope all is going well with you and junior When are you due by the way? As for the great pancake debate. My way of looking at it was, the fluffy things are pancakes, whereas the thin ones are crepes?

Perhaps thats an over simplification on my behalf? Either way, I'll eat both However the pancakes I make tend to fall somewhere in between on the thickness scale The Mannekenan- I'll not say the rest of the name If so, I've seen him my sis used to live near there. Mike aka Giant Squid - For heaven's sake, girl, stay away from goofy, stammering editors, then!

Hee hee, that was a 'spew' moment! It's a good job I don't work in publishing then I'd have to find one first Good call on the kids floats as a cushion, I may pop into the local pound They have all sorts of odd things for sale at various time of the year Got some good news yesterday. OK, the dementors have arrived I'm enjoying the 6 nations rugby at the moment too I hope you have a great day. Everyone have a great day!!!

Spring training is here! The season of rebirth is here, again. You give me too much credit. After two beautiful days, the cold wind is back here. I am off to mail postcards to a certain child of a certain Forum member today. Got to go and deposit the rest of the cookie money so we can close that out even though husband asked me last night to get another case of somoas.

We really appreciate it! Elanor and septentrion, I'm glad you weren't offended. They got my mind going and I'm hoping other people's as well. Does anyone have a favorite saying? The more parochial the better. I would especially like to have any non-English speakers translate their sayings. When I grew up, if I got upset my mother would admonish me not to "take a bird" but when I went out to Colorado, they said "have a cow". Recently, I've been using the expression "tell 'em where the dog died" to express the exercise of telling someone off.

Growing up, a friend's father could endlessly reinvent the phrase "whatever floats your boat". I can't remember them all but the two I do remember might not be fit for all forum readers so I'll keep those to myself. I'm also terribly fond of "come to Jesus meeting" which happens when someone is going to be re-educated as to how things are done. I bet this group can come up with some truly unique, regional expressions. I'll admit to a prejudice that the Southerners in the crowd, with their rich, literary heritage, can do well here. And I'm hoping Fawkes will pass along some authentic Irish sayings and not the lame ones that are plastered everywhere I go in Boston.

No pressure though folks. I just thought it might be fun. There are so many. A few favorites in my house are "When in Florida, do as the old people do," I appologize to any non-old Floridians I may have just offended "Nu, you're turning this into a MushkaGupin," for when someone is making mountains out of molehills, and of course, "The cat's among the pixies now.

A non regional one but a favorite around here comes courtesy of a popular cartoon character. It can come at the beginning too. Interesting difference, as he was actually referring to someone's speed for instance at getting ready to go somewhere. They never took the money out of my account. Now I have a late fee and have lost some sort of interest deferment option. I tried talking to them last night, but I was so angry I started crying and hung up on them. I hate it when I cry! So I need to try again today.

Makes me wonder if college was really worth all the money and mess afterward. Well I'm late for work again Happy Wednesday, almost to the end of the week! How do you fit everything you do into the day? I only sleep about 5 to 6 hours a night and still fall way short of getting everything done! On the "expression" front, for someone who has a run of unexpected good luck - "Even a blind pig finds a acorn now and then. Has anyone replaced a "motherboard"? Still having home PC issues.

Okay, here are some more that come to my mind: Sept, I hope your husband will feel better soon! Ydnam, I send you cheering charms and I hope everything will work out all right. And a good Wednesday to you all! Pince says it a lot when I ask him about some sort of problem Some of these are regional and some are just expressions that have taken hold in my little circle of friends. I understand it to be used when someone is expressing understanding but with some measure of reservation. What are you doing? Wanna buy a box? It refers to "Bluing" laundry detergent which used to be sold door to door.

The point of the stinging retort, I suppose, is to tell the inquisitor to stop being so nosy. You see, the South is not always marked by rapier wit or cleverness. ABC-- This means "Anybody but Carolina" and expresses the correct attitude towards any University of North Carolina sports team, but especially the basketball team. I'll see if I can think of some others. Anyway, hello to all. But the quote is about a complete lack of communication and a degree of pointlessness. I wonder, Vlad, if your quote is another version of the same thing.

She had two sayings that she used frequently. Some of these may be specific to my family: Hope you enjoyed these. I had fun writing them down! Lady Arabella Prefect Posts: Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I can't believe you remembered! I feel so special now. It's been way too long. Im going to have to mark the whole forum as read. Hopefully I'll be able to log in more often now. You've all given me a chuckle.

Here are some of my favorites. We had to take two hydrogen molecules and smash them into an oxygen molecule. It might be the phone! My dictionnary says "to tire out one's opponent", however. Well I think they still have more as deliveries just started on the 12th. Fang, is one mastiff dog all-right. I thought of some others: Methusaleh was a person in the Bible who was, reportedly, about years old. I think there is a third part, but alas, Mrs.

Bumbledore is the one who knows the complete phrase. The following comments do not reflect the opinion of this poster. Have you ever notice how uncommon, common sense seems to have become?

Perhaps one of the French members can help me out with this one. It means "not to feel quite yourself". Ron would like this one. I've just remembered a funny one you can say to someone who is too familiar with you and you don't like it: I love the French ones to do with pushing up the daisies death. There are a few variants of this.

It basically means slow down, you are taking life too fast. If I think of any more I'll post them later. Have a great day everybody.

Think of Benny Hinn. My husband the lawyer gave me a couple: Fifty-one more and you'd be a full deck. Another version of the death themed sayings, this one commonly said by a local radio show host, so-and-so "won't be coming down for breakfast. I'm beginning to believe all French sayings do involve food, as Elanor I believe said. They are very amusing. Sorry, this one is just too tasteless. Bad Barb, bad Barb How about these I heard in Georgia: My dad called me last night.

For those of you who have been here awhile, you may remember me mentioning that Dad is a bit of a packrat. I can hear squidboy sniggering. Another beloved trait of Dad's is remembering what a person likes and buying them stuff until they are utterly sick of it. My sister collects Coca-Cola items. She now has an entire bedroom full of Coca-Cola.

I mentioned 10 years ago that I liked unusual-looking salt and pepper shakers. I have so many now that I have some in boxes. The latest is, luckily for me, HP Legos. I mentioned earlier that my mother bought the Hogwarts Castle on sale.

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It was actually my father who found it. He also found Hagrid's Hut. So yesterday's phone call was "Do you have Professor Lupin's Classroom? Sorry for running on a bit. So how is everyone? We just got back from Tahoe and are both very stuffy and sick and coughing and sneezing. I hope you and Brandon feel better soon!

Glad to hear that you two had a good time in Tahoe. I'm in a bit of a mood right now. I had a run in at dinner with someone who is, as Marie said meaner than a striped snake. If you really want the details you can check out my LiveJournal. The link is in my profile. Click on my name to get there.

It was a decent game, but not all that exciting. I wanted to note that the trailer for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is on Amazon. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Go check it out if you're interested. It looks pretty good, although I'm afraid that some of the humor won't translate well to film. I was happy to see that the whale is listed as a character.

Back from San Francisco great fun all around and finally caught up on this thread. I'm sending cheering charms your way. What a time for a run-in: I have trouble eating for days after confrontations. Question for all of you good cooks out there: Do you have any good recipes for Brie? I work in a deli, and we had a LOT of Brie go out of date on us, so we can't sell it, but I can't handle throwing it away either. It's still perfectly good.

I just don't know how to do anything other than spread it on French bread. I've really enjoyed reading all of the different quotes. Some of them I'd heard before, and some of them were completely new. The version of the blind man quote that I've always heard goes as follows slightly edited to make sure I am forum friendly: Now let's see you get out of it. Maybe you would have been able to catch it if your hair was bigger. I actually haven't heard this one much anymore since big bangs went out of style.

And finally, my favorite from my high school Russian class, spelled phonetically as I don't know how to post Cyrillic letters, "Potomu shto pochemu, a konchi'etsa na u. Use any green veggie, green beans, asparagus, broccoli. Melt in a pan 8 oz Brie, 8 oz cream cheese and 4 oz of butter. Stir well until melted nicely. While that cooks, crumble some bacon on the veggies. Pour the cheese on top and bake at that universal F until the cheese starts to just brown. I steam my veggies prior to baking to speed the process up.

If you are baking the veggies too, I would cover the mixture.

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I loooove this stuff! The baking will stop the further aging and prevent spoilage for a while. As for exact baking time, well I can't remember exactly, so what I'd do is visit epicurious. This site really has loads of good stuff on it. It's sponsored by "Bon Appetit" or "Gourmet" magazine I get them mixed up, but they're both wonderful. Denise, your recipe sounds heavenly, but ohmigosh, quite loaded with calories! However, it is a veggie dish, so I suppose that's a redeeming feature. I'll keep it in reserve for when company's comin'. Sirius - Feb 16, 9: Unfortunately, our suppliers have told us that this item will not be available in the foreseeable future.

But don't give up yet. Have you returned to Amazon. One of our Merchants or Marketplace sellers might have it in stock, either new or used. If so, it will be listed on the product's information page, and you'll be able to. What does this mean? My mother's was "why is there never time enough to do things right the first time but plenty of time to do it over again". This one falls more to the movie quote: Before melting the Brie, you do have to remove the coating. The recipe was given to me by a friend of mine who is a cook with SCA.

She will only cook authentic dishes from her time period, which I believe is 15th century. The recipe is actually called Savory Toasted Cheese. If you do a google search, there are all kinds of variations. When I make this, usually only on special occasions, there is a fight to see who will do dishes since the one doing dishes hides the leftovers and then acts innocent later. I have written the recipe down and will try it tomorrow. Thank you as well, Barb. I hadn't thought to bake the cheese to make it keep longer. Now that we are spread so far apart it doesn't get said much anymore.

First post of the day! One of my friends made me laugh a lot recently: Two very simple recipes with Brie: Put in the oven until the cheese has melted. Serve with bacon, delicatessen, and with dressed green salad. When they are slightly coloured, gently rub a peeled clove of garlic on the surface the clove should suffice for about 6 slices of bread. Then put one or two slices of cheese onto the bread and put back into the oven to melt the Brie. You can also try this recipe with goat cheese or gruyere. I also recommend a green salad to serve with. Try putting some of it in dough. Can't find the correct english word Add a spoon of honey, if you have some you could add some rosemary or thyme if you like that.

Wrap the dough around the whole thing, close it well don't want the honey leaking out and put it in the oven till it's good. If you are using a kilo-sized wheel, place one sheet of the pastry in a 9-inch pie plate, set the scraped if you want cheese on the crust, brush the edges of the crust with egg wash, place the other sheet on top, seal the two sheets, folding them decoratively toward the top, brush with more egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Bake until golden and let stand for minutes so you don't get scalded by hot cheese. I did not snigger! Okay, maybe a snort. Possibly a scoff, but not a snigger! I'll have to give Dad a call tomorrow. As for pithy sayingth, I have a couple: Here's one that was in the movie Sweet Home Alabama; I still don't know what it means, but I've been assured that it's an actual phrase: As for "'I see' said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw," it's a pun.

Think of "saw" as a verb instead of a noun. It would probably look like one of those huge Russian fur hats people used to wear in the 60s and 70s, except with eyes and a plumey tail. I remembered one more saying from a friend in college: We have a teacher work day today and tomorrow, so the kids have no school for two days. Naturally, this coincides with a cold snap in which our lovely degree weather has dropped to the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

They're just gonna have to bundle up, and go outside and play, to avoid getting on "Mom's last nerve.

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